This surname appeared first in the 17th century Lancashire parish records in the Haresnape areas. In 1685 the first entry of Harsnip in the county of Lincolnshire was recorded. This seems to have been caused by the migration of perhaps one Harsnip male from Lancashire to Lincolnshire (about 150 miles) where he settled down.

Subsequently the version continued there (and in Lancashire) for the next hundred years or so. For many years, the name did not appear in any other counties of England.

The assumption is therefore that the name Harsnip is a variation of the source surname that produced Haresnape.

Also, in Lincolnshire the surnames Arsnip and Hasnip were found from the early 18th century onwards (as well as Lancashire). No other counties exhibit these name variations for

some years. Arsnip and Hasnip can be seen to be likely derivations produced from Harsnip.

Asnip is also likely to be linked to Harsnip.

Both Hasnip and Hasnip surnames have continued to the present day (2002).